Connect and grow.

Unlock the power of your purpose and let your story stand out.

Creating stronger connections with your clients through Clarity, Purpose and a Plan.

Proven methods, tested techniques and surefire strategies to connect your business vision to the people who need it.

If you’re frustrated by people not getting how great your product is

Not growing your business at the rate you’d hoped

You’ve wasted time and money on marketing for little return

Then you’re in the right place.

IDEACAKE will help you connect to your why

and identify the right people for your product.

So you can get your great idea to the people who need it!

IDEACAKE clients are just like you.

They have built their businesses over several years and are now looking to achieve a greater level of success.

There may be a small team responsible for sales and marketing or it’s outsourced to freelancers. But somehow the brief doesn’t match the vision, or the Marketing isn’t generating the right engagement.

Stuck in the day to day delivery, they’re struggling to connect what they’re doing with the difference they wanted to make.

Are you struggling with?

Struggling to explain your business neatly and powerfully? Getting side-tracked or bogged down in the specific details, or getting stuck on the ‘how’ rather than the ‘why’? Let’s invert that process and reach out to engage – with impact and relevance – your audience and stakeholders.

An enthusiastic start – and perhaps your willingness to say yes to every potential customer – is leading your business down unexpected pathways. Are you actually doing and achieving what you set out to do? Maybe it’s time for a rapid rethink and a dose of business clarity.

Now what? Things were going great until…?
You’ve been growing your business but something’s stalled. Why does progress seem to be so painful?

Let’s shine a bright light on both the Big Picture and the Day-to-Day to plan effectively for the future of your business. We will remove the bottlenecks, regain momentum and navigate your path to success with a clearer focus.

Everything and/or everyone seems to be conspiring to slow – or stop – the progress of your business. How do you restart or gain momentum? It’s difficult to be objective and positive when people don’t seem to be ‘on board’. Managers, employees, investors, stakeholders, suppliers…all need careful and deliberate alignment to your Why to generate your optimal business performance.

“IDEACAKE came in to help inspire new thinking and drive us to a clear message that made sense.
Jane brought a wealth of Industry expertise, creative thinking, energy and importantly a very human approach”

Director of Business Development, Shopper Intelligence

“Not only did !DEACAKE deliver the clarity in our communication we were hoping for,
Jane did this in a way that was engaging and educational, upskilling the team who now feel empowered to take our businesses to the next level of success.”

CEO, My People Group

“Quite often we think about the ‘How’ as opposed to the ‘Why.

!DEACAKE helped me find that, it is really helping me shape where I go next.”

MD, Charlie Hodgson Performance

“…with !DEACAKE we are in the process of revamping our branding and illustrating What, How and Why we do what we do, which has been great fun and has brought us closer together as a team.”

Head of Partnerships, My People Group

I communicate differently now, which is definitely due to the clarity we have created together… and the result has been good, with almost 8000 views of my last post.

Co-Founder, Novosensus


Getting your great ideas to the people who need them.


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