Partnership, progression and purposeful profit are all of primary importance to me.

These values shape the way we will work together. 

I collaborate closely with my clients to accelerate the evolution of their business, enrich the lives of the client and customers, and create the profits and sustainable growth clients can be proud of.


Most of my career I’ve worked with global market-leaders. Blending Sales and Marketing to grow revenues and market-share for entire portfolios, or categories, of branded products. 

To succeed in each market sector, I needed to understand the customer, their lifestyles and the needs that drove their behaviour. With this insight I advised companies and retailers on their product offering and how to increase sales. 

In competitive marketplaces, clear powerful communication will always be critical to success. This is how I help.

I’ve seen great business ideas made real and told the stories that help them find their way to the people who need them. I’ve also seen what happens when this doesn’t work.

Having worked with:

Enable with Partnership

Working with IDEACAKE means working together, collaborating effectively to recognise the brilliance in your business and to develop your business potential further.

Jane blends consultancy, coaching and coaxing to help you define – then exploit – your potential for growth and positive change. Using her years of expertise, she creates structure and direction to fully achieve all the goals that you set together.

She’ll support you, push you, guide you and if necessary direct you. Jane brings her empathy, energy and enthusiasm to every project and enjoys working with those who share this commitment.

“Together we will deep dive into the DNA and Values of your business. This means we will build a trusting relationship that I hope reflects the one you’ll build with you customers.

I work with people and businesses that I care about. I want to feel invested in the outcome to achieve the best possible results, each and every time.”

Empower Progression

Jane’s talent is seeing and simplifying what others cannot. She quickly isolates your strengths and hurdles and helps you prioritise and scope out the right opportunities to pursue.

This accelerates the evolution of your business and helps develop your insight, strategy, communication and decision-making skills. Jane is by your side to share the understanding and clarity that you achieve together and what it means for your business.

Jane’s ability to define and apply best practice will strengthen how your business connects with customers and open up opportunities for future business success.

Enrich with Purposeful Profit

With a successful business you can build and develop your business idea or your brand. You can change more lives, grow your business operations and reach more of the people you serve.

We all positively respond to a business that inspires us with its story,
or motivates us with its stated values and ambitions. Knowing and sharing the values of your business will connect you to the people who will help you grow.

Jane knows that a business with real purpose creates profits that enrich the lives of your team and your customers. Creating a sustainable and profitable business means you can create growth you are proud of.