“Connecting your business to your ideal client through clear communication”

Jane Stacey, Managing Director !DEACAKE

Your idea and your business is unique, like the care, attention, and expertise we use to power your future performance.


Explore the foundations of your business and define key drivers and messages to give you Clarity, Purpose and a Plan.

Together we’ll get very specific on the reason your business exists, explore what motivates you and your audience and filter down to the essence of what you do and what you aim to do.

We’ll complete a Target Customer profiling exercise that will give you deeper understanding of your customer and how you can connect to them in a way that delights and helps them.

Craft the compelling stories that give you a stand out About statement or Elevator pitch allowing you to immediately demonstrate the value you deliver.

You get:

1. Complete business DNA template
2. Defined Mission and Vision statements
3. Clear marketing position for your business
4. Detailed profiles of your target customers
5. Supporting stories and a strong About statement


If your business DNA is clearly defined, IDEACAKE can help you successfully pitch it to your chosen audience of customers, partners, buyers or investors.

We’ll create a compelling story that is as unique and distinctive as your idea. We’ll build the best strategy to engage and persuade your buyers or investors.

You’ll have a cohesive and measurable plan of What, How and Who you’re going to pitch to and the actions you need to take to ensure success.

You get:

1. Structured pitch plan aimed at each specific audience
2. Supporting material for your business story
3. Guidance on delivery platforms and formats
4. Instructions on using Data to reinforce your message
5. Coaching on delivery technique and optimising Q&A


We capture your vision and specific goals for the business and work with you to build an effective marketing strategy.

How do you market your idea to a waiting world? This is the vital connection between your core purpose and your targeted communications. We profile your competitive landscape and prioritise your target customers. We help you formulate your communication strategy and campaign planning.

You now have a Strategic Marketing plan, with the actions you need to take and the key steps to measure your progress.

You get:

1. Comprehensive Strategic Marketing Plan
2. Audit of your resources, markets, and competitors
3. Precise objectives for business growth
4. Detailed Tactical Action Plans for each key step
5. Communication strategy and Content Plan
6. Metrics to measure your business performance


The people that work in a business often have great ideas but may lack the confidence to share them, or may not have know-how to navigate through the corporate maze.

IdeaLAB is about unlocking the great ideas in your organisation. A specialised workshop for teams to identify, evaluate and share their ideas with internal stakeholders and learn how to create compelling selling stories for their external audiences.

We work with leadership teams, cross-functional teams and remote workers to help you develop the potential within your people which then directly benefits your business.

You get:

1. Comprehensive SWOT analysis with strategic recommendations
2. Ideation and brainstorming results with full critical analysis
3. A more motivated and responsible team culture
4. Practical proposals for improving business performance and team cohesion
5. Practical ongoing steps to integrate team ideas into your business operations

Getting your great ideas to the people who need them.