Marketing delegation vs abdication – why it’s essential to keep the keys to your Kingdom and how to get the confidence you need.

3 September 2020

One of my recent clients approached me after being disappointed when he had keenly handed over his marketing to an outside agency. 

It’s tough running your own business and the opportunity to outsource the elements you’re not 100% sure of is very tempting and can be tremendously beneficial.  We are encouraged to work ON our business as well as the need to work IN our business. The constant need to post here, comment there and so on along with setting the strategic direction and growth plan for our beloved endeavours means often finding yourself juggling so hard that you have no time to do what inspires you or what you fell in love with in the first place.

However one of the most important things that you need to do, above everything, is keep a pipeline of potential customers, or sales in place and this means marketing. In the case of my client, he felt that as marketing was not his strength, handing over the keys to his marketing kingdom was the way to go.

Unfortunately, things did not work out for him and the agency he employed did not improve his pipeline or promote his business in the way that he had expected. In fact, he ended up covering more of the work and was still none the wiser with none of the growth he had anticipated.

On delving deeper, I learnt that the marketing agency wasn’t at fault, far from it, they had proposed a plan based on their expertise and market knowledge, but sadly this didn’t meet my client’s needs or his plans as he had not given them a clear brief on what he required or expected.  He had handed over his keys hoping they would take away the pain of ‘how to do marketing’ but without knowing what he needed or wanted to deliver, he ended up delivering nothing.

So together we went back to basics.  Using the IDEACAKE IdeaDNA programme we identified the messages that his marketing needed to deliver.  We created a robust avatar that allowed him to develop the right communication messages to connect and engage with potential customers, speaking to both their hearts and their heads to drive action.

Once we had successfully achieved this, we then went through the IdeaPLAN process and created a communications strategy for each contact point with his potential customers, setting strategies and actions to make everything click into place.

The result: a clear plan to follow and success with his marketing.  Moving forwards, whether he outsources again or not, he now knows exactly what he needs to achieve and what to do to set his own direction and brief, effectively saving both time and money to ultimately connect with the customers he needs.

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